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We can offer a lot of visits to your website. Exclusive traffic filtration system. Expand your presence in social media. Do you need to buy web traffic or actions on social networks?

We offer packages to buy services of visits, likes, comments, subscribers, followers or followers at really cheap prices.


We can offer a large number of visits to your website.
Exclusive traffic filtration system.
Expand your presence in social media.


You only provide us with a URL and we send the traffic.
You can guide visits by countries and themes.
Leaders in the Hispanic market.


We will answer your questions as soon as possible.
We are available 24 hours.
Contact us here.

We are so sure that our traffic and social actions are of quality that we offer a money-back guarantee, if you are not satisfied we will refund your money.
Buy visits for your web blogs. videos, from youtube here

¿Why should you buy traffic for your website or projects?
Online businesses cannot exist without visitors. Web traffic is a necessity both for a sales service and if you are looking to increase the statistics of your site and achieve the objectives set. The standard SEO techniques are effective but it takes a while that you may not have or a great investment in hiring an SEO agency, these services are usually very expensive and it is necessary to wait a long time to see their effects and even many times they do not reach the objectives. Buying paid traffic is a great way to complement SEO, or even replace it completely.

Increase visibility and online presence with a good social media marketing plan
Social networks allow your company to position itself in a simple and economical way, being able to show your project to a large number of public and increase visibility and interaction with people. They are a real help to consolidate the relationship with customers and attract new interested in your business. With our social media interaction service you can carry out a marketing strategy according to your purposes. Prepare to succeed!

¿What advantage does buying visits and social actions offer?
By buying traffic and social media interactions you receive an immediate and constant flow of visitors to your website. It doesn't matter if you're trying to lower the bounce rate or Alexa ranking, sales, new customers or clicks on ads, social interactions and the purchase of web traffic can lead to the necessary effects immediately. However, you should be aware that getting traffic conversion depends on more than just the quality of that traffic, even more important is the quality of the website. Therefore it is vitally important that you always strive to optimize the conversion of your website.
Buy visits for your web blogs. videos, from youtube here

¿What kind of services do we offer?
We offer a web traffic service and you can get up to 20,000 unique visitors to your website every day. We are traffic generators and that is what we do! By using a select mix of different traffic sources we make sure that you receive only the visits and social actions you need. With our service you will get 100% human traffic, targeted and quality but best of all, we not only offer visits to your website, we also offer a variety of different packages with different purposes such as our service for buying likes for Facebook, buying followers for Instagram, Twitter, retweets, followers for Google Plus or subscribers and visits for YouTube are just some examples of what we have to offer, for an overview of all traffic packages you can scroll back to the top of this page and see it for yourself!

Buy visits for your web blogs. videos, from youtube here
¿Get more visits for your YouTube videos?
We offer visits and traffic services for Youtube at very low prices. We have a wide range of purchase visits for all types of YouTube videos, real, natural, directed, references, as well as many other social signals: likes, comments, subscribers.

¿Followers for your social networks?
We have the most complete followers service in RRSS. If you want to take a good marketing strategy, sell on social networks and get real conversions is possible with our economic packs. We offer different services to buy followers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, souncloud ...

¿How does Buy Visitas work at

Our traffic arrives at your website through advertising sources such as: interstitial ads, iframes, popunders and domain redirects. Buying visits or social actions for your project on our website is very simple, just go to the package that interests you, check out our order form and choose the traffic plan you need, fill in your personal data and place your order, It's that simple! If you wish, you can contact us and we will prepare a customized service, if more is needed than the standard packages listed. We are a team of Internet marketing specialists and will be happy to help you achieve your goals!

Buy traffic and social actions from and you will receive real and human traffic within 24 hours, geolocated at a reasonable price, with daily customer support.

¿Frequent questions?
How long does delivery of my order take?
After placing the order, we will process it and start performing the service in 1-2 days.

¿What is the minimum number of visits or social actions I can buy?
It depends on the pack you hire, our services range from 100 followers on Instagram, for example to 1000 visits to a YouTube video. And if you want even more we can offer customized packs to suit the client.
More information here:
Buy visits for your web blogs. videos, from youtube here

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